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© 2022Mike Chambers, painting, Miss Terry AboundsBlogFigurativePainting

Miss Terri

This is a mystery of portraiture: the subject sits and the artist interprets. Does the artist allow his or her own thoughts and biases and filters to affect the image? Absolutely! How could it be otherwise? Does the subject reveal all of her innermost thoughts and feelings on her face,…
Mike Chambers
February 19, 2021
© 2022 Michael Chambers - On Edge, digital painting by Mike ChambersBlogDigital ArtFigurative

The Full Montie

I decided to break out of the box a little and go below the shoulders. For the past year and a half I've been concentrating on faces and I wanted to go beyond that and work on the whole person. This is my first in, hopefully, a long series.
Mike Chambers
November 11, 2020
© 2022 Michael Chambers - Michael Chambers - pen and ink - 2018 - IMG_7317BlogDrawingFigurative

Go forth and play

Playing around with pen and ink in my little wee moleskin-like sketch pad on the 4th of July. What could be more patriotic? I'm basically trying to do the impossible (again) and make black ink appear to look smooth and gray. Yeah, that's what pencils do, I know, but every…
Mike Chambers
July 4, 2018
All the Light, oil on canvasBlogFigurativeHouseghostInteriorsPainting

All the light

My show at the Carol Robinson Gallery opens on May 7th. I delivered 11 new pieces to the gallery this week for the Houseghosts exhibition. I completed this painting in Old Algiers while staying for about a month at a little shotgun home on Bouny Street. The painting's title reflects…
Mike Chambers
April 10, 2016

The Annunciation

This painting of the Annunciation was finished this week. It is based on a painting that I completed several years ago and purchased by my friend, Dan Sonnier.  The earlier painting served as the starting point for this piece. The Annunciation will be part in  an exhibition in New Orleans in March along with the…
Mike Chambers
January 30, 2016

Bonnard’s ghost

I rediscovered -- and am in the process of rediscovering -- Pierre Bonnard. Something about the way his figures have a supporting role in the painting rings true for me. No starring roles here, folks, just co-stars. This one's for you, PB. Bonnard's Ghost, oil on canvas, 12 x 9…
Mike Chambers
September 20, 2015

Bella Fedora

A new painting arrived today via the painting stork. It's a girl! About 8 ounces. 8 x 6 inches. Acrylic on acrylic on acrylic on watercolor paper on watercolor paper.   Belle, acrylic on watercolor paper 8 x 6 inches
Mike Chambers
July 5, 2015