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Light Stories

© 2022 Michael Chambers - - oil on canvas - Christmas ChairChairsInteriorsLight StoriesStories

A Glimpse of Hope

You might think that a solitary chair in a corner of an otherwise empty room would be a symbol of loneliness. But it ain't necessarily so! We can learn to treasure those quiet moments, enjoy solitude, dwell on a joyful thought, or just find a moment to draw a deep…
Mike Chambers
October 3, 2021
Light StoriesNew Orleans StoriesStories

After the Rain

After a heavy rain signs of sunshine appear. The returning light may signify hope or it may not. In any case, one's spirit becomes lighter as the daylight returns. You may want to take a peek outside and verify this is true. Yes, it is. Lagniappe A young woman peers…
Mike Chambers
October 2, 2021
French Quarter at Dusk, oil on canvas, 2021Light StoriesNew Orleans StoriesStories

Welcome Home

A soft cool light emanates from a room in an apartment overlooking a cobblestone street in New Orleans. A bicycle is parked underneath an open window. A glass table and chair invite you to sit for a spell.   Here’s another home you might like.  
Mike Chambers
October 2, 2021