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In the shadows lie the mysteries. Did you notice what’s lurking in the shadows today? Carol Robinson just posted a sneak peek of the new work in my show “Houseghosts.” The show opens May 7th, 2016 and runs to the end of the month.

Did you see what secret is revealed in the light? What exactly is lurking in the shadows?

When you look at a painting of a person in the middle of the room, do you let your mind wander? When I paint, I allow my mind to wander and roam and invent things, some of which could actually happen and some of which most definitely could not happen. But, mystery is in the eye of the art lover. And what is possible, like beauty, may be more subjective than we think!

So, the answer to “What is lurking in the shadows?” may just be your imagination.

And, hey!, what’s up with houseghosts anyway? Are they like ghosts? Are they like house GUESTS? Are they scary? friendly? threatening? dead? alive?

Like you, I kind of want to skip to the back of the book and look up the answer to that one. But I’m pretty sure they’re not scary. And I’m pretty sure they won’t cause much harm. Some harm maybe, but not much harm.

A little houseghost never hurt anybody, and that’s a fact.

Check out the painting within the painting while you’re flitting through this little scene. What’s happening there?

Study Group Questions

  • What’s in the cup?
  • Where’s the light source?
  • How possible is the shadow?
  • Would you go into that room on a dark and stormy night?
  • What’s the difference between lurking and flitting?
  • Is a painting within a painting more real or less real than the containing painting?
  • What caused the houseghost to turn and look over her shoulder?


What's lurking in the shadows?

Felicity Houseghost, 13 x 18 inches, oil on canvas