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Go forth and play

Playing around with pen and ink in my little wee moleskin-like sketch pad on the 4th of July. What could be more patriotic? I'm basically trying to do the impossible (again) and make black ink appear to look smooth and gray. Yeah, that's what pencils do, I know, but every…
Mike Chambers
July 4, 2018

Journaling 101

In June the Treasure Valley Artists' Alliance held a panel discussion on journaling. The artists on the panel included Melissa 'Sasi' Chambers, Lisa Cheney, Pam McKnight, Terry Burkes, Jeanette Ross, and Beau van Greener, moderated by Dr. Kathleen Keyes. The "Aha!" moment for me happened when each of the artists…
Mike Chambers
August 31, 2014


I've been drawing tons of coffee cups as a way to practice for the houseghost paintings. Everybody knows houseghosts are always drinkin' coffee, so I need to learn how to paint a convincing cup. A page of sketches in my new journal suddenly got more lively when some inspiring words…
Mike Chambers
July 26, 2014

A New Christmas Card

Here's the drawing for this year... Here's the start of the painting on the block... Here's the finished painting... Now, it's time to carve!  Here's the image at about the halfway point. This is a close-up of Lina-in-the-box getting a new mitten. And this is the block fully carved out.  Next…
Mike Chambers
December 5, 2010