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Study in black and white and ghostly

Here's the latest houseghost progression. For the past few paintings I've been trying out a new technique -- creating a black/white/gray image first, then overlaying color. What I've discovered is that oftentimes the intermediate steps are fine and could be finished images all on their own.  
Mike Chambers
August 19, 2014


House Ghost with a Story, oil on board with text added, Michael Chambers Let me just tell you a thing or two about these houseghosts. They walk around as if they own the place. But they don't. They don't own the place. They're just visitors. Not owners. And as visitors…
Mike Chambers
July 3, 2014

Cuppa inspiration

Over the past couple weeks I've been thinking of the sound byte that starts the TED radio hour on NPR. There are several snippets from various TED talks in the intro, and one of them is Regina Dugan talking about her passion for pushing the boundaries of flight. She says,…
Mike Chambers
June 28, 2014

What’s a houseghost?

This is a real houseghost. Nobody's really sure where they come from. Probably Portland. Or Boise's North End. Or maybe even the Central Bench neighborhood. When you see one it's best to quickly brew up some fresh coffee and offer it a cup. This will calm everyone down. They look…
Mike Chambers
June 7, 2014