© 2022 Mike Chambers

Two Bikes in the Night

Two bikes in the night. An open door, inviting light. Enter when the time is juuuuuuust right. 

Perdido Bike

There's a street in New Orleans that only appears to mere mortals every once in a while. It's the oddest thing. It doesn't show up on maps. Apparently when you don't think of it, there it is. I parked my bike there once, which was a mistake.

© 2022 Mike Chambers - Bike at Dawn

Dawn’s Light

Have you ever noticed the shadow a bike casts? Look closely next time you see one. I think you'll agree they reveal the secret inner personality of the viewer.


"There's never a perfect time to say this," said the angel.

© 2022 Mike Chambers - Today's Angel

Today’s Angel

If not today, when?

© 2022 Mike Chambers - Waiting Angel

Waiting Angel

Don't you dare ask for whom the angel waits. 

Angel in Waiting

If you wait long enough, you'll get a visit by an angel. If you look hard enough, you'll find one. If you listen closely enough, you'll hear one humming.

Angel of Music

She's the angel of music, but just call her Polhymnia.

Baja Angel

She hovered over the cliffs in Baja, awaiting opportunities to redirect.

© 2022 Mike Chambers - Caravaggio's Bike

Caravaggio’s Bike

Caravaggio didn't have a bike, so now he gets one. Finally.


"Am I imagining this?" he asked aloud.

© 2022 Mike Chambers - Summer Bike

Summer Bike

The heat of summer, the burn of sunshine on a bike seat, the smell of baked chain oil. Ahhh!

© 2022 Mike Chambers -Sisters' Bike

Sisters Bicycle

No need to lock it, just lean it against whatever’s handy and go on about your business. It’s always there when you return.

© 2022 Mike Chambers - Red Light Bike

Red Light Bike

If downtown offers nothing else for bicycle enthusiasts at least it's got plenty of places to park your ride under a nice red light.

© 2022 Mike Chambers - Fantabike

Fanta Bike

Effervescence on two wheels!

© 2022 Mike Chambers - Spirit Alley

Spirit Alley

Let's pause the space/time continuum for a moment.

© 2022 Mike Chambers -Bike Under a Blue Moon, painting by Mike Chambers

Bike under a Blue Moon

An open window lets the fresh air in.


When you describe her personality, you may have to look up the word supercilious.

© 2022 Mike Chambers - The No Name Bar

The No Name Bar

We basically grew up here

© 2022 Mike Chambers - Brigitte


She captivates the imagination.

© 2022 Mike Chambers - I Dream of Napoleon House - in process

I Dream of Napoleon House

I dreamed of Napoleon House perhaps because I basically grew up there

Francesca Awaits

Francesca awaits

© 2022 Michael Chambers - Corner of the Neighborhood, by Mike Chambers

A Light in the Neighborhood

A light burns in the neighborhood.

© 2022 Mike Chambers -Mid City Home, oil painting by Mike Chambers

Mid City Home

Two cozy homes in the Mid City neighborhood of New Orleans after a light rain.

© 2022 Michael Chambers - Bonnard's Ghost, oil on canvas, Michael Chambers

Bonnard’s Ghost

When Bonnard looked up from his easel, he saw her flitting by.

© 2022 Mike Chambers -Valentine's Day House Ghost, oil on canvas

Valentine’s Day Houseghost

It's Valentine's Day. Somebody loves you.

© 2022 Mike Chambers


Jocelyn is quite like a cowbird, if I’m honest.

© 2022 Michael Chambers - Adele Squared, digital painting by Mike Chambers

Adele Squared

For the two weeks she sat for the portrait Adele wasn’t allowed to see the painting in progress.

© 2022 Mike Chambers

Imperfect Angel

Guardian angels have a misconception about themselves.

© 2022 Mike Chambers


She makes decent money, considering she only does Joni Mitchell covers.

© 2022 Mike Chambers

Gaelus the Conquerer

Gaelus awaits.

© 2022 Mike Chambers


Very direct. Very Eve.

© 2022 Mike Chambers

Coco OG

Forged in fire, you might say.

© 2022 Mike Chambers

Claire de Lune

No longer prairie bound.

© 2022 Mike Chambers


Daydream believer.

© 2022 Mike Chambers


There comes a moment in your life when you realize you are not always right about things.

© 2022 Mike Chambers


Did I just dream that?

© 2022 Mike Chambers


Alex seeks. Alex finds.

© 2022 Mike Chambers - Frances Bicycle

Frances’ Bike

Frances parked under a window and stepped away to look at the sky.

© 2022 Mike Chambers - Dreamscape


This neighborhood is crowded with memories.

© 2022 Mike Chambers - French Quarter at Dusk

French Quarter Street Scene at Dusk

He parked his bicycle momentarily beneath the open window.

© 2022Mike Chambers, painting, Miss Terry Abounds

Miss Terri Abounds

The mystery of portraiture, revealed.

© 2022 Michael Chambers - Roderick, digital artwork by Mike Chambers


Just breathe.

© 2022 Michael Chambers - Coco, digital painting by Mike Chambers


That’s how Coco would describe it, anyway.

Claire on the Prairie

She was about to find out.

© 2022 Michael Chambers - Farnsworth, digital painting by Mike Chambers


He’s awake to the past but dreaming of the future.

© 2022 Michael Chambers - Blue Victor, digital painting by Mike Chambers

Blue Victor

Victor's courage didn’t come from boxing lessons.

© 2022 Michael Chambers - Roderick, Cool Blue, digital painting by Mike Chambers

Cool Blue Roderick

Just close 'em.

© 2022 Michael Chambers - So Shawn, digital painting by Mike Chambers

So Shawn

She’s having a wild hair day. Again.

© 2022 Michael Chambers - Pink Eve Haze, digital painting by Mike Chambers

Pink Eve Haze

See what all the fuss is about.

© 2022 Michael Chambers - Eve, digital painting by Mike Chambers


Through the haze, Eve can be discerned but just vaguely.

© 2022 Michael Chambers - Idanha, digital painting by Mike Chambers


Vini, vidi, viciho. (Translation: He came, he saw, he Idahoed.)

© 2022 Michael Chambers - Crimson Julie, digital painting by Mike Chambers

Crimson Julie

Crimson is the color of life. Wear it and smile.

© 2022 Michael Chambers - Julie AF, digital painting by Mike Chambers

Julie AF

Just like Julie, but more so.

Good Will Bike

Bicycles are good energy!

© 2022 Michael Chambers - Gaelus, digital artwork by Mike Chambers


Attentive and wary, Gaelus awaits.

© 2022 Mike Chambers - Blue Shotgun House in Mid City

Blue Shotgun House in Mid City

There's peppermint schnapps in the freezer for after dinner.

© 2022 Mike Chambers - Natasha


Just a moment ago the room was empty.

© 2022 Mike Chambers - Visitation Chair

Visitation Chair

The chair awaits the angel.

© 2022 Mike Chambers

Angel of Hope

The Angel of Hope

After the Rain

After a heavy rain signs of sunshine appear.

Dream Catcher

This easel is a crooked little so-and-so

The Transformation of Princess Feather Hat

The Evolution of Princess Feather Hat

© 2022 Michael Chambers - Youth, oil on canvas


Such is youth!


Célestine Musson De Gas: the mother of Edgar Degas.

Elphaba’s Door

If it weren't for Elphaba, none of this would've happened!



They named a party after her in Baton Rouge.

Good Samaritan Bike, oil on canvas, Michael Chambers

Good Samaritan Bike

Isn't it obvious that bicycles are Powers for Good?