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A Christmas Card Miracle

Lina moved to Chicago. Logan moved across town in Boise. Melissa and I are without our beloved kids in the house. So we text 'em, FaceTime 'em, call 'em, and look forward to visits. The Christmas card this year still shows the family together, made possible by the miracle of…
Mike Chambers
December 8, 2013


A tradition at our house is to make Christmas gifts by hand. I came across this composite image of nine tiny little door paintings I painted a couple years ago.  Good inspiration for this year's gifts. Christmas Doors, oil on canvas, each painting is 2 x 2 inches a little…
Mike Chambers
November 10, 2013

A New Christmas Card

Here's the drawing for this year... Here's the start of the painting on the block... Here's the finished painting... Now, it's time to carve!  Here's the image at about the halfway point. This is a close-up of Lina-in-the-box getting a new mitten. And this is the block fully carved out.  Next…
Mike Chambers
December 5, 2010

The Carving of the Card

Every year on the day after Thanksgiving I begin the process of making the annual Christmas card -- a family portrait to send to friends and family.  To be honest, when I started this in 1984 I thought printing my own cards would save both time and money.  It does NOT save…
Mike Chambers
December 27, 2009