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Cool Blue Roderick

Just close your eyes Cool Blue Roderick says -- or seems to say -- "Just breathe." The Backstory This image was featured in Character Development: Portrait Studies at the Trueblood Pop-up Gallery at Boise State University.   Take the virtual tour of the show!
Mike Chambers
April 17, 2022
Bicycle Daydream, oil on canvas by Mike ChambersBicycle StoriesBicyclesPaintingStories

Bicycle Daydream

The Bicycle Day Dream "Am I imagining this?" he asked aloud. He leaned his bicycle against the wall. Having no kickstand, the only other alternative was to lay it down on the pavement -- not a good choice even though this part of the Mid City New Orleans neighborhood was…
Mike Chambers
October 31, 2021

Everybody needs a bike art pillow

The whole print-your-art-on-anything has got me wondering. How many artists are producing awesome bike art for throw pillows? I don't know about other kinds of artists, but for Bicycle Pillow Artists (of which I am one) the answer is quite simple: BPA (Bicycle Pillow Artists) = x*y*z where x is…
Mike Chambers
February 28, 2021

New Dawn

It's starting to dawn on me that things are changing for the better. Finally. So I'm celebrating that with a painting of a bicycle casting morning shadows on a French Quarter sidewalk. We each have our own way of expressing hope, and bike portraits do it for me. PURCHASE This…
Mike Chambers
February 20, 2021

Fab collab

For the upcoming "Four Eyes" show, Lauren T. Kistner and I collaborated on a painting. A couple weeks ago we started brainstorming, which escalated to exchanging emails and lists of possible approaches, and finally got to The Moment of Truth in the studio. A blank white canvas awaited. After more…
Mike Chambers
May 24, 2014

Caravaggio’s bicicletta

Back in the studio today, working on a painting of a bike, of all things. It's called Caravaggio's bike because: Caravaggio didn't have a bike. I actually have an Artistic License, so that gets me around the first bullet. Hey. It's got some decent chiaroscuro goin' on. it has a…
Mike Chambers
April 13, 2014

A one minute history of my bike obsession

It started a long time ago. My parents have home movies of me riding my bike as a kid. When I first learned to ride, my method for stopping was to crash. They must've tried to teach me about brakes, but I wasn't interested. After that I enjoyed tons and…
Mike Chambers
November 25, 2013