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Back in the studio today, working on a painting of a bike, of all things. It’s called Caravaggio’s bike because:

  • Caravaggio didn’t have a bike.
  • I actually have an Artistic License, so that gets me around the first bullet.
  • Hey. It’s got some decent chiaroscuro goin’ on.
  • it has a million layered glazes. Just like Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio.

I met a guy in college who after 3 years of so-so figure drawings adopted a renaissance glazing technique and his work suddenly blew me away. I’m drawn to that technique now. ‘Bout time.

Maybe the Muse will continue to whisper to me in an Italian accent.

Caravaggio's Bike, oil on board

Caravaggio’s Bike, oil on board