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For the upcoming “Four Eyes” show, Lauren T. Kistner and I collaborated on a painting. A couple weeks ago we started brainstorming, which escalated to exchanging emails and lists of possible approaches, and finally got to The Moment of Truth in the studio.

A blank white canvas awaited.

After more talking and not painting, Lauren made a statement that turned out to be The Thing That Finally Made Us Get To Work.

We’re just over-thinking this thing.

After that little tidbit of sage wisdom, we dove right in and painted together on a small canvas. Over the next few days of talking and painting and erasing and re-painting and hiding symbols and re-evaluating things and not very much yelling and even less spitting and cussing, we got back together yesterday and finished “Getaway Bike.”

photo 4 photo 45


Detail of Getaway Bike, acrylic on canvas