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This is my all-time favorite bike painting.

And why’s that? Well, it’s whimsical, loopy, drawy, patinaed, foggy, tiny, blue-inspired, rust-inspired, lit, glowy, scraped, worked and reworked, heroic, symmetrical but not obedient, contrasty, fakely framed, ambidextrous, pedal-less, elegant, spoke-less, exploiting the power of gray, scumbled, layered, oil-painted, evocative, impossible, sweet, tidy, extraordinary, stylized, informed in a naive kinda way, naive in an informed kinda way, swirly, silent and soulful, appealing, tender, coy, atmospheric, singular, bikey, and it leaves me wanting more, but not in a this-is-inadequate way, more of a I-like-ice-cream-so-I-would-like-another-scoop-please way.

Oh, and it reminds me of my other all-time-favorite bike painting, Good Samaritan Bike.

Here’s what I wrote about Fadeaway Bike way back in 2014: It was time to paint a bike fading out and fading in at the same time.

... and here’s the Instagram version

Fadeaway Bike - Instagram version - oil on canvas - Michael Chambers