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The whole print-your-art-on-anything has got me wondering. How many artists are producing awesome bike art for throw pillows?

I don’t know about other kinds of artists, but for Bicycle Pillow Artists (of which I am one) the answer is quite simple:

BPA (Bicycle Pillow Artists) = xyz where x is the number of artists who produce bike art who’ve tumbled down a rabbit hole by discovering some random website that shows what their art would look like printed on a handsome pillow,

y is the percentage of said artists who did NOT get talked out of it by their friends and family,

and z is the likelihood that lack of art sales due to all the stuff that causes art sales to drop has driven the artist to spend untold hours perfecting their bike art images specifically to look peachy on a pillow.

So, without checking my facts or assumptions, my best guess is:

Authentic, certified, no-kiddin’, honest to goodness Bicycle Pillow Artists = 1!

Here’s proof of my calculations.


Next up: take a look at a French Quarter Bike.