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A bike for Ichabod Crane

Ichabod Crane the Fourth rode into the neighborhood, parked his bike under a shuttered window and followed the sound of a rockin’ beat into a nearby bar known as Louis’ Place. Never to be seen again? Naw, he just stayed for the first set and then went prowling around the…
Mike Chambers
October 7, 2023

I’m dreaming of Napoleon House

Napoleon House haunts me a little bit. It's situated in the heart of the French Quarter in New Orleans and, to all appearances, is nondescript -- maybe even a little bland looking. Old gray walls, a little worse for wear, an ancient sign is the first indication this place is…
Mike Chambers
September 11, 2023

Paintings are stacking up

A note to self from November 2014 "I've been painting almost every day for the past few weeks and things are starting to stack up. Here's a view of the table top where the most recent paintings are being stored. It's probably time to update my items for sale page…
Mike Chambers
May 29, 2022
© 2022 Mike Chambers - Cool Blue Roderick
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Cool Blue Roderick

Just close your eyes Cool Blue Roderick says -- or seems to say -- "Just breathe." The Backstory This image was featured in Character Development: Portrait Studies at the Trueblood Pop-up Gallery at Boise State University.   Take the virtual tour of the show!   PURCHASE ON REDBUBBLE
Mike Chambers
April 17, 2022
Bicycle Daydream, oil on canvas by Mike Chambers
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Bicycle Daydream

The Bicycle Day Dream "Am I imagining this?" he asked aloud. He leaned his bicycle against the wall. Having no kickstand, the only other alternative was to lay it down on the pavement -- not a good choice even though this part of the Mid City New Orleans neighborhood was…
Mike Chambers
October 31, 2021
© 2022 Mike Chambers - Spirit Lake, watercolor by Mike Chambers

Spirit Lake

I gazed at the far side of Spirit Lake where pines created their sawtooth pattern against an overcast sky. It was early morning on a cool summer day but it was still good to be outdoors.
Mike Chambers
October 31, 2021
© 2022 Mike Chambers -Sweetgum Leaf, watercolor painting by Mike Chambers

Sweetgum Leaf

Watercolor painting of a sweetgum leaf and its shadow. It's funny, isn't it?, that we're surrounded by a zillion of these and they are all different and all beautiful. That’s leaves for you. Always leaving you amazed.
Mike Chambers
October 31, 2021