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Here’s the drawing for this year…

A Reversed mockup 2010 - Christmas

Here’s the start of the painting on the block…

Christmas Card 2010 painting phase 1

Here’s the finished painting…

Christmas Card 2010 painting phase 2
Now, it’s time to carve!  Here’s the image at about the halfway point.
C IMG_2495
This is a close-up of Lina-in-the-box getting a new mitten.
D IMG_2502
And this is the block fully carved out.  Next step, artist’s proof!
E IMG_2503
The first few proofs show the errors.  Whoops!  Hey, fix my nose!  Here’s AP 3.
F IMG_2516
And here’s the final!  Woo hoo! Merry Christmas!
G Christmas Card 2010 - Final Print