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Coffee cups 6I’ve been drawing tons of coffee cups as a way to practice for the houseghost paintings. Everybody knows houseghosts are always drinkin’ coffee, so I need to learn how to paint a convincing cup. A page of sketches in my new journal suddenly got more lively when some inspiring words were added. I mentioned in a previous post the origin of “we’ve had to believe in impossible things“, and then I spoke to a friend, Tish, and her daughter, Nora, who told me these words from a recent dream: “the only way to make it stop was to say exactly what she wanted.”

I’m not sure what all this means, nor am I sure what “houseghosts” really are or why they’re my haunting my work these days. But if I’m to believe Jill Bolte Taylor, whose book and TED talk “My Stroke of Insight” unveiled the nirvana in our right hemispheres, then I need to get busy exploring the new territory.

I’ll report to you from the field of dreams.