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Central Bench Househost, Michael Chambers, oil on board, painting

This is a real houseghost. Nobody’s really sure where they come from. Probably Portland. Or Boise’s North End. Or maybe even the Bench.

When you see one it’s best to quickly brew up some fresh coffee and offer it a cup. This simple gesture will calm everyone down, as long as you haven’t forgotten the saucer. Ghosts don’t have to be scary. Sometimes they just need to feel like you understand. Don’t be afraid.

Never heard of a houseghost? You may want to read about their origin. But if you haven’t got that kind of time, just answer this simple question: does it sound scary to you?

If you answered “no,” “nope” or “naw,” you got it right! And if you answered “yes,” “yep” or “mm-hmm,” you have a lot to learn about houseghosts.

Dive right in

Here are a few posts for your entertainment and edification:

A private viewing of the Houseghosts show

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Realized houseghost

Valentine’s Day House Ghost

…and if none of those tickle your fancy, try listening to the House Ghost Band!