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The house where my dear friends live is on a quiet street that has friendly neighbors. It’s located only two blocks from a corner tavern that has free popcorn at happy hour. It’s a shotgun design, meaning each room is located one behind the other. You could shoot through the open front door and the shot would exit through the back door. You wouldn’t actually do that, but that’s the idea. Climb the 4 steps, open the front door, and you’re in the living room. There are tons of bookshelves, a mantle with a gas fireplace underneath, and the walls are filled with art. Next room is the bathroom and hall with a rickety staircase leading up to the master and guest room. Past the stairway is the kitchen, with the wonderful smell of red beans, rice, and smoked sausage being served. There’s peppermint schnapps in the freezer for after dinner. The laundry room behind the kitchen has extra storage for all the cans of Blue Runner red beans.

Blue Shotgun House in MId City, painting by Mike Chambers

Mike Chambers

I paint bikes, doors, floors, cobblestones, chairs, ghosts, everyday saints, angels, windows, easels, shadows, and stripes.

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