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Here’s what the block looks like fully carved.

Linoleum cut print showing a couple and their dogs singing and playing instruments

… and here’s a view of some of the printed cards.

A table top of hand printed Christmas cards


Cut, carve, gouge, slice, nick, nick, nick! (That’s the sound of the linocut carving in progress.)


Carved linoleum block ready for printing

G strings for Christmas… along with E, A, D, and B. And the dogs go, “Woooooooo!”

I finished the drawing for the Christmas card a little early. Yeaaaaah! Uh huh. Yep. Mm-hmm.

Next step is to paint the block.

It’s beginning to look a lot like a Christmas card!

Every year I make a card for Christmas. This has been a grand and wonderful family tradition that I’ve enjoyed since around the time of the big bang. It always starts with some pencil sketches and grows into a finished pencil drawing, which evolves into a painting on a block, which in turn gets carved, inked, and printed, and mailed. Hopefully before Christmas.  Here’s a link to all my cards from previous years, and here’s a peek at the humble beginnings of this year’s card: