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I’ve temporarily relocated my studio to New Orleans. And after a few small repairs back in le Boise, my trusty old French easel has now re-entered the fray. Time to get busy.

2012-10-14 007

Seven Years Later

Those trips to New Orleans played out on multiple levels. The most reality-based level was the experience of being in New Orleans for a month. Another level was how it felt to see good friends, eat good food, and listen to good music. Yet another level was how the visit impacted my art. Let’s talk about that third one for a moment.

Melissa and I and the three dogs, Sirius, Snug and Lula, stayed in a little place on General Taylor between Dryades and Baronne. I later painted the street showing our place between Molly’s large house and a double-shotgun house, but the hero of the painting was a place on the corner called “The Beauty Shop,” which housed a working artist’s studio. © 2022 Michael Chambers - Corner of the Neighborhood, by Mike Chambers

The house behind the Beauty Shop is where Molly lives. The front of our little rental is barely visible in bright yellow, behind the white garage/shed down the block. A guy nicknamed Drac would wander up the street past that double shotgun house next to our place and pop in the front door of the Beauty Shop where Rebecca would be holding an open house for the neighborhood.

We were on the border of a neighborhood called Milan. When Lina came to visit us for a few days, she and I rode bikes in the neighborhood one afternoon and had a nice father-daughter talk. Later, I painted this image of Milan at night.