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Yeah, I know there might be better resolutions to choose from, but this is what I came up with. GIMP is a freeware photo manipulation tool (like Photoshop) that has a wonderful user community of contributors like this one. It’s kind of a complicated interface and since I hate reading help files and user manuals, it’s triply hard to stumble through and learn the tools. But I shall endeavor to persevere!

Baby Exercises

Here are a couple of my old paintings that I loaded up into Gimp and gave ’em some sass.

A Touch of Blue

A Touch of Blue

Angel's Chair

Angel’s Chair

The best way to learn a new tool is to just mess around with text and brushes and colors, clicking on everything that you don’t know how to use. These calendar images created with GIMP are used for decoration on the Treasure Valley Artists’ Alliance website:

January 2012
And of course there are online tutorials like this How to Draw a Doggone Eye one. Here’s the result of about three hours of hard gimping labor: