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This is a new painting I finished this week.  This photo doesn’t quite do it justice.  You should see that aqua shine!

I had no intention of making an aqua greenish bluish turquoisey painting.  It’s just not in my vocabulary.  I struggle with even saying the words.  I only intended to start with a color wash on the canvas and chose turquoise for fun.  Honest.

It’s NO FUN to work on white canvas.  The colors compete with the bright white all day long until it’s all covered up.  One easy way to fix that particular problem is to start with a colored ground.  I normally use burnt something or raw something (Think sienna.  Think umber).  But occasionally I forget and use whatever’s at hand.  Like turquoise.  Of all things.

As things progressed with this painting, there was a moment that sounded something like this:


And I pretty much had to stop.  Here ’tis:

Venice Door, 16 x 12 inches, oil on canvas

Venice Door, 16 x 12 inches, oil on canvas