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An admission of guilt: all the frames on my website are FAKE!

Yeah, I have to say that although these frames would be awesome, they’re all photoshopped. Hopefully, this was obvious to the naked eye, but I just wanted to come clean. Wouldn’t you rather see images of artwork with a nice, gaudy, ornate, over-the-top frame instead of plain ol’ borderless, matless, frameless art? I know I would!

Years ago before I started showing at Carol Robinson’s gallery in New Orleans I would frame my work myself. For some reason I was proud of myself even though my craftsmanship was kinda poor, my materials were cheap, and my measuring skills were awful. I quickly learned that Carol has a great eye and all of my paintings immediately looked better after receiving her care and attention. I really responded to seeing my work in gold or silver frames and my absolute favorites were any frames with distressed surfaces. Once I learned how to use Photoshop it was only natural to seek out frames that had the same look. Over the past year I’ve had a great time fancying up the all images on my website.