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I’ve been workin’ on the railroad, alllllll the live-long daaaaaay!

The railroad in this case is the Treasure Valley Artists’ Alliance and all the live-long day in this case is every single spare minute I’ve had, all day, every day for the last three months with no end in sight!

The pros
  • The art in this town is gonna be better because artists will be supported
  • Boise is gonna be better because the artists are collaboratin’
  • I get to meet lotsa artists
The con
  • There isn’t enough time to paint!

Boo hoo!

Is there light at the end of this tunnel? My fellow board members are helping to lighten the load by taking the lead on education, communication, events, and an exhibit, of sorts.  My role is to establish structure, promote equity and collaboration, and to be a spokesperson.  Well, I guess that’s not so hard after all!

So, you wanna know more about that exhibit, of sorts mentioned above?

We’re planning a super-dooper, wonderful, all-out, fantastic, bombastic visual display of awesomeness, no less.  …whose details I cannot at this time disclose, cuz it’s pretty much top secret, classified, password-protected, and double-encrypted.

But here’s a hint: self portrait grid on a massive scale.  A massive, modern scale.

Okay, that was two hints.