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During a recent walk in the woods with friends we saw our first fall colors of the season. My usual art plan for vacations, for this was a mini-vacation to Missoula, Montana for Lizzie and Erik’s wedding, is to leave all my supplies behind and, if time permits and opportunity presents itself, to stop into a drug store and buy an El Cheapo watercolor set and leave the rest to the Muse.

Things went according to plan.

During the walk, I lagged behind the group with Lula and took photos of leaves and trees and couldn’t help but pick some of them up. Back at the VRBO’s kitchen table with my $1.79 watercolors and brush, the leaf motif tumbled out onto the paper.

Usually when we get back home and I go into the studio I forget everything about my limited supplies and work on whatever it is I started before the vacation. 

Not this time.

My Watercolor button got stuck and I admit I haven’t tried very hard to get it unstuck. Also, I keep finding and bringing home leaves.