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Over  the past several months I’ve really started using tools like Photoshop and Instagram to play with the images I paint. It’s a great way to while away the hours in the evening, re-coloring, changing focus, adding details, stretching, and trying out new  stuff.

When I re-discovered collage earlier this year, I started to think of cutting and glueing painted paper as a way to paint fast. Collage has the benefits of no paint drying time and super speedy composition re-working.

Photoshop is fast too, and it adds a truckload of tools. As a side note, I’ve learned that if I’m working out a new composition putting it into Photoshop helps me try out variations quickly and it can make a big difference when I get back into the painting the next day.

I don’t think there’s any substitute for seeing a real finished painting on canvas. There’s the human touch difference that Photoshop hasn’t yet got a button for. But for pure play, it’s a pretty wonderful toy.