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Musical ChairBlogChairsPainting

Musical Chair

Study for Bike Alley in the Fall, watercolor This is a watercolor study to help me figure out the chair in Bike Alley . If you take apart a treble clef and re-compose it into a chair, it might look like this.
Mike Chambers
September 7, 2013
Romey's Doors, phase 2BlogDoorsInteriorsPainting

No more curlicues

Romey phase 1 Romey phase 2 Romey's Chair, oil on canvas, 36 x 48 inches Same canvas, different painting.  This painting was originally included in my solo show in Boise called Thresholds. After the show came down it hung on Lina and Ian's wall for a while, then it went back into…
Mike Chambers
April 27, 2013

Sunday Painter

Yes, I'm a Sunday Painter.  Here's proof. Angel's Chair, oil on canvas, 10 x 8 inches   This painting is dedicated to the memory of David Ripley.
Mike Chambers
April 17, 2011
BlogDigital Art

I would cut a woodcut… would you?

This is my first ever three-color woodcut made especially for Amy Nack's Leftovers print exhibit at Wingtip Press.  The image isn't all that complicated, but it still gives a great sense of accomplishment to a guy who has never done more than two colors in a single print. Saint's Chair, edition of 20,…
Mike Chambers
March 6, 2011