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Seek, Find, Reveal -- collage by Michael Chambers

These collages were made for a show called “Text Messages” that the Treasure Valley Artists’ Alliance arranged at Boise State Public Radio. This is my first text-based art. I’ve got three words for you:


By text-based, I mean having text as an integral part of the image. Seek really pins down a feeling you might get if you’re standing in a room and looking out the door, past the balcony and into a sky with clouds scudding by. Can you picture yourself doing that?


Find is arguably the least interesting. Is it because the fun is in the search? I rather think so. But Find is also solid and factual and stoic and matter-of-fact. That can be exciting for some few of us, right?


Ah… Reveal. It’s the most seductive of the three. Is the artist’s easel too obvious as the chosen tool for portraying a good reveal? I think not.

What’s next? Three more words for you.

If there were a fourth, fifth and sixth word, what would they be? Do any of these work?  Act. Leap! Try. Enter. Explore. Meditate. At times, I’ve done all of these.