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I am elated, elated I tell you, to have my new painting I Dream of Napoleon House in Carol Robinson’s group show, A New Season of Art! The show opens on October 1st and goes through the end of the month, and YOU are cordially invited to attend! Can’t make it to the opening? No worries — the show runs through the end of the month.

It’s not only an awesome feeling to be in a show at Carol Robinson’s gallery, I’m truly excited about this new painting! I’ve long been an oil painter and this piece represents a return to acrylics.

Why paint with acrylics?

There are a lot of reasons for this, but the primary one is that I wanted to get better at acrylics. Not that I’ve mastered oils, mind you! I just felt the need to learn more about the technical aspect of them. And I also like building up the surface with acrylics. There’s something super cool about the unique texture they create, so I use a scumbling technique over and over. This makes kind of a grainy, divot-filled surface. Truth be told, the surface really adds to the patina. The old building in I Dream of Napoleon House is the perfect recipient for that, but it’s much harder to do that with oil paint.
The fact that acrylics clean up with water doesn’t hurt my feelings much, either!